Get your mind out the gutter – Not the log you find floating in the toilet or floating down the Umgeni-River after a Durban Summer storm.

I am referring to the new addition to our family – The Catch Surf Log. This is a ‘beast’ of a board, as the name suggests and as the saying goes… “less is more”… in true Odysea form, the LOG has a classic look and feel with mega-float performance, allowing you to shred with ease and style!


Whether you are a stoked “lighty’, learning to surf or a ‘Ballie’ looking to maximize your wave count, the Odysea LOG is the one! In true Catch Surf tradition, the Odysea Log is produced for many hours of surfing fun!




  • Super-Fun for all skill levels!
  • Tons of Float and Easy Wave Catching. ( If you aren’t catching them you aren’t surfing )
  • Stiff Dual Composite Core. Triple Wood Stingers! ( Meaning, it sits on that perfect line between flex and stiffness )
  • Durable HDPE Slick Bottom with Bumper-Tail.
  • Old-School PE Deck with Throwback Design. ( in keeping with old-school )
  • Soft-Performance Tri-Fin Set with Leash Plug.
  • 7’ x 22” x 3.125” (72 Liters)
  •  8’ x 23” x 3.375” (86 Liters)
  •  9’ x 24” x 3.5” (98 Liters). the remaining dimensions are 24.0” x 3.5”.




I will say it again, the Log is the ideal board for Beginners or the overweight “Ballies” looking to take it up a notch in terms of wave count…this is… because it is! The soft top is ideal for the confidence in a Beginner as this board is going to do zero harm when bumping you!




Coming in with a minimum of 72 Litres, this board is a wave magnet. It has enough buoyancy to get you amping on those 1 – 2 foot fun days where your 6.6 fish would not cut it!  Like I have mentioned before, if you are not catching the waves, you are simply not surfing!

Why paddle out on that old-school fish that you have been hoarding since the 70’s, that may give you the exercise but certainly won’t get you over the edge!

Personally I would rather watch paint dry than go through that frustration!

Let’s hope this has been informative enough? If you have any questions about our Catch Surf range feel free to give us a shout!


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