Speed Generating vs. Speed Control


Using Ride Number is easy, you just have to understand the feelings of Speed Generating and Speed Control. On one end of the Ride Number scale is Speed Generating fins. These fins feel responsive and provide that extra spring most often wanted when the surf is lacking power. On the opposite side is Speed Control. These fins feel solid, engaged, and predictable providing that extra hold usually only needed when the surf is cranking. The middle ground is Balanced, offering a mix of the two extremes for an all around feel. Just remember, when you’re pumping – Speed Generating, when the waves are pumping – Speed Control

FUTURES RIDE NUMBER DESCRIBES THE FEELING OF A FIN: This feeling is represented on a scale from Speed Generating to Speed Control. The closer you get to 10, the more springy, fluid & responsive your board will feel to help generate speed. The closer you get to 1, the more solid, engaged & predictable, your board will feel to help control speed. Fins with a Ride Number around 5 feel balanced & do not add any premium feelings to your board – they let your board’s original character shine. To use Ride Number just pick a feeling in your weight range, and give it a try. When you understand the different feels, you can get the most performance & enjoyment out of your equipment. To explore further, watch the video to the right.

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