Do you have that one person in your sport who, as much as they are probably an awesome person, just really grinds you? Not for any other reason, but possibly because you are horribly jealous at how much they shred!

Well, for me, that is Blair


Blair is a cool kid who hales from the lovely Laguna Beach in the USA. Known for his ridiculous skills in skimboarding, he has thrown a whole new twist to the surf scene! He has been picked up by catch surf and has made his mark in the game! 

Blair has recently received the wild card to the Stab High Event.

The Premiere Performance Wave

Without the slightest whiff of hyperbole, the BSR wavepool is the premier performance wave in the world. Surfers who visited with Stab there in May said they hadn’t met an air section as good as this pool provided in the past 12 months. Not one. Meaning… this air show is going to be effing nuts!!

How it’ll all work… Competition Breakdown

  • There will be 16ish surfers in the preliminary round.

  • All surfers will receive four rights and four lefts, with the top right score and top left score counting toward the surfers’ two-wave totals.

  • The top eight two-wave totals from the preliminary round will advance to the Semi-finals*.

  • Semi-finalists will receive another four rights and four lefts, again counting their top right score and top left score toward their two-wave totals.

  • The top four two-wave totals will advance to the finals*.

  • Finalists will receive four rights, four lefts, and one bonus wave of their directional preference.

  • Whichever surfer has the highest two-wave total (using a right and a left) at the end of the final, wins.


Basically this event is where all the top aerial surfers in the world get together to compete and most of the boys are riding their everyday conventional surfboard, with some tweaks here and there.


Not this blondemopped lunatic”! Word on the blogasphere is that he is riding his Catch Surf Special 54In laymen terms, this is a goddam glorified bodyboard with skegs! To think he has the nerve to paddle one of these out during this event. and Judging what I know he is capable of doing!! 


Anyway, enough of my poor English, enjoy the clip of the guy doing his thing and keep and eye out. We’ll keep you updated on the event.


Until next week…. Chao Chado 

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