So the first half of the first month of 2019 is over, holidays are a thing of the past and the World has gotten back to the grindstone.

Although one should be over the holiday blues by now, there is still that slight possibility you’re sitting at your office or class desk, staring out the window thinking to yourself self : “F-&K! I wish I could be out there surfing that 3ft shore-break everyone has been harping on about over the “surfers” whatsapp group on their smart phone!”

As a surfer the truth is, yes you should be! We all should be, but unfortunately reality in the real world is, we need to work and study to make the world go around! Not only do we need to do this stuff to make the world go around, we need to do this to have kick ass jobs that pay the bills and give us extra monies to afford rad epic new toys to surf epic shore-breaks!

In short, there is no need to feel down about work blues…it is a fresh new year, new opportunities and time to try something new and surf epic shore-breaks on an awesome soft-top!!

Check out our 2019 Catch Surf range and get your hands on one of these bad boys and go shred… before or after work, the Summer is still with us!

Peace out Amigos. (check out the amount of fun you could be having…|)

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