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Shop the complete range of Chilli premium surfboards at Darkstar online surf store. From Summer boards to performance, there is a Chilli for everyone.

Chilli Surfboards shaped by Jamie Cheal! Jamie shaped his first board when he was 22, a few years later Chilli Surfboards was born and has grown to become a household brand among surfers around the world. In 2004 the legendary Andy Irons surfed his way to win his third world tour title on boards shaped and refined by Jamie Cheal, This board is now available as the Andy Irons A2.

With exceptional attention to detail and a high level of quality control, Chilli Surfboards offer plenty of models to suit surfers of all levels and all wave types. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a high performance competition surfer, Chilli has a board that will work for you. With popular models like Chilli’s best seller Mid Strength, the small wave weapon BV2 and the epic travel board, the Faded 2.0, you’re bound to find a board that suits your needs.