Anstey’s Beach Self Catering & Backpackers


Owned by the infamous South African surf family, The Palmbooms, this place couldn’t be more geared towards surfers traveling the South African coastline on the hunt for world class waves.
Accommodation is affordable for those on a budget, offering the perfect blend of laid-back backpacking in a classy, cozy way.
Their self catering apartments as some of the best on offer on the KZN coast line.


Most importantly, the accommodation is literally a stone throw away from Anstey’s Beach, a beach break designed by mother nature to make every surfer happy as ever.  This break boasts consistent barrels and lengthy right handers. But where the real magic happens is 1km down the beach from the Accommodation… at the world famous spot, Cave Rock.


Although this is a spot for advanced surfers it most certainly is equally exciting watching this wave explode across a mixture between sand bottom and rocky reef.  If this doesn’t tickle your fancy, there is always the opportunity to watch dolphins, whales and the jumping mantas pretending to be seagulls



Mdumbi Backpackers  ( Transkei)


To be completely honest I have stolen a fair amount of this review straight from there website.
I simply don’t feel that my writing skills are advanced enough to really capture this breathtaking place in words. This backpackers is nestled in the heart of the Transkei and infused with the culture of the amaXhosa.


To travel to this remote part of South Africa and you will immediately know why people rave about this destination. The Transkei, which Nelson Mandela regarded as home, is one of the only remaining areas in South Africa where you can get a real African experience: chiefs are the authority, livestock the currency and deep-routed myths the philosophy of the amaXhosa who populate the mudbrick houses that scatter the rolling hills.


Getting woken up by a cow eating grass outside your window may be the best alarm clock you’d hope for, when it’s a 2 minute walk to the look out spot to discover a perfect right-hander point break reeling off shreddable world class waves, you may find yourself heading back to give the cow who woke you up a massive kiss out gratitude.
Before or after the best surf of your life? Your choice.


You’ll notice the locations I have selected aren’t in and amongst the thick of “the scene”.
It’s usually a short walk to surf.
 There is a reason why I prefer places slightly out of the mix. They are generally more affordable, 9/10 family owned (Labor of love), with consistent service and authenticity. These are key aspects (In my opinion) that would be the deciding factor for choosing accommodation… and of course The Surf!

J-Bay Starfish surf house


This little gem of J-Bay is a two bedroom self catering apartment within a short walking distance to all the major surf breaks in Jeffreys Bay!

The worlds best righthand point break is what makes up the view at Starfish surf house.
After spending hours on end getting absolutely barrelled off your head at Supers, there is nothing quite like a couple sundowners on the deck watching the odd whale wave the day goodbye.


Definitely a MUST STAY spot in J-bay.



African Soul Surfer


OK, so on this one my little disclaimer about these places away from the circus of surfing is null and void!

This spot could not be closer to the beach… well it could be, but you would literally be sleeping on the sand at low tide!
This little slice of Backpacking heaven is situated plonk on the beach front of Muizenberg, with views of False Bay and Cape Point. It is definitely a surfer’s paradise. It is home to one of the oldest surf shops in the country, Lifestyle, which is owned by South African Surfing Legend Titch Paul.


Although Muizenberg is not regarded as the most high performance waves around, it is very central compared to the rest of the epic spots Cape Town has to offer.


With a 20 minute drive, you can find yourself surfing the pretty insane left-handers of Long Beach, 20 minute walk from Long Beach…along the beach is quite possibly one of the best beach breaks in the country called Dunes. Like Cave Rock in Durban, this spot is definitely not for beginners, or even intermediates, it is an intense icy Atlantic pit that would flatten you into the sand bank if your barrel riding skills are not quite up to scratch!




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