“Like yoga is good for the body and soul, Surfyogis is good for the ocean”  (and of course you)- Gwilym Thomas (Surf Photographer)

All natural, not harmful to the environment or yourself.


It does not cost the earth (ha ha get it?)  This is, for me (Chad Schwab) The most important trait of this sunblock. It has absolutely zero harmful chemicals. It contains zincs and carrot seed oil (need to do some research). It is completely natural! Other brands of sunblock are not only harming your precious skin but destroying our Oceans too. The majority of sunblocks contain an ingredient called oxybenzone & octinoxate, these chemicals are known to destroy coral!

Hawaii has banned the selling and use of those sunscreens for this reason, our Oceans are being affected!  Most of us love the ocean, I think we would all like to conserve it for as long as possible or for eternity.


Things are heating up (It is getting hot up in these rhinos)


Whether you want to believe it or not, the earth is heating up, things are getting really hot! 

Like the scene from Ace Ventura, with Jim Carrey sitting in the mechanical Rhino to spy on some criminal, that is what it feels like at the best of times in the tropics. Not only because it is the tropics but because of the impact we are having on Mother Earth and her Ozone layer.You all know the Ozone layer?  That layer around the earth that keeps us safe from harmful UV rays, it is wearing thin (just like your favourite t-shirt) and harmful rays are BUSTING through and making you look like a lobster at the time and a used leather handbag over time!


Makes traveling a (tiny) bit easier


As I type this, it has taken me 48 hours to get to Siargoa island in the Philippines. That is 48 hours of carrying a surfboard coffin’, with a Catch Surf and 3 Claytons.

Lugging 27kgs through Manila city with only that board bag as your main luggage is not any ones idea of fun, believe me!

So, space becomes a major issue when taking on the world with a limited amount of space. My board bag was bursting at the seams (literally) and my backpack filled with camera equipmentclothes and personal belongings and then to travel with a big tube of sunblock was just impossible!  Nevertheless the thought of the tube bursting and all contents of the bag looking like the aftermath of a baby eating a bowl of porridge on its own, is one dreadful thought!


Sweating your ass off


This subtitle is inevitable when writing about the tropics. It is HOT! All of the time! When applying sun protection, walking to surf and then having it pour off your face with sweat 2 minutes after application, is pretty annoying! It is no small wonder so many peeps are resorting to Surfyogis as their go to sunscreen.  It is the stuff that stays! We go to the Tropics to surf, not apply sunscreen every ten minutes – Agree?


Moving on from the above…


Sweat proof… goes hand in hand with waterproof. The stuff just does not come off! This can have a down side too and become a bit frustrating once the sun has gone down and you still look like Casper the friendly ghost at the local watering hole JJ.  That being said, nothing a bit of soapy water cannot fix and besides it fulfils its purpose of staying fixed in the surf!


No traffic cones in the surf


This one should be self-explanatory, and if it is not, let me elaborate!
No ocean goer should ever step a foot in the water looking like a bright orange traffic cone found in roadworks…. Bright faces are for the 60’s and 70’s, definitely not for this century!

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Until next week… Peace and love from the Philippines.

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