What better time to win yourself some Zombie Tread during this viral outbreak! 


A viral outbreak has turned most people into zombies, the world’s surviving humans remain locked in an ongoing battle against the hungry undead. (Sounds like an effing ball-ache, but at least the surf will be less crowded) 


Initial contact with zombies can be extremely traumatic, causing shock, panic, disbelief and possibly denial, hampering survivors’ ability to deal with hostile encounters. So teaming up is key.

There are only two survivors — You and your partner in crime, girlfriend, dog, stuffed animal or that one local you always say hi to in the surf…you both are taking on the muscle jerking, mouth frothing Zombie assholes through a well executed zombie-killing strategy as you make your way to the nearest uncrowded reeling point break.


Sounds like an absolute jol does it not?


Imagine having free-reign to kick these Zombie asses and not get into shit for it… Count me in, especially if you have just got out from a frustrating crowded session.

Anyway, so now you have an idea of what a Zombie BROpocalypse would be like in your head… Let us not hesitate further but get to the fun bit.


With all this zombies talk, it has got us ‘zombies’ here at DarkStar amped to giveaway some Zombie Tread. 






Click here, like us on Facebook. It is in your best interest as we give away loads of awesome prizes on a regular basis and how you going to know when and where if you are not following us?


Step 2: TAG ONE BRO  


On our Facebook Zombie Tread post, tag one bro you would trust to take on the  Zombie BROpocalypse with. That one mate you can always count on. The one mate you know that will have your back through thick and thin. OR that one mate who you know is not as fast and as nimble as you, ensuring the Zombies will take his slow-ass down, giving you enough time to get away. (Win Win in my eyes)




The BROpocalypse is no laughing matter! You will not receive TWO tail pads, TWO Front pads and TWO leashes if you do not survive!

Comment next to your bro’s name, the weapon of choice to take down the undead. Personally, a nice Magnum 357  would be epic! But bullets do run out!

When and where?

So… the comp starts TOMORROW ( 23rd October) and ends on the 25th  at 11pm. The winner will be announced 9am Friday.

If you don’t crack it and takeaway the big “W” you’re going to be super stoked to know that from  the 25th to the 31st  we are running a 40% sale on ALL Zombie Tread. So if you don’t win the comp don’t be too stressed. ( Although the comp is pretty epic.) 


Click here and have a look at the mouth watering Tread we have on offer. 


Peace and love! Chado!

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